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Tired of wearing all the hats in your business? Make the shift from “operator” to “owner”

Business owners and CEOs often tend to find themselves wearing about 15 different hats, spending too much time on hats that don’t generate any revenue or profit. They are, in turn, the bookkeeper, IT specialist, strategic planner, customer service manager, project manager, logistics specialist, business development expert, social media planner, procurement specialist, operations manager, and sales manager.

Or rather, they think they are.

All too often one or more of those roles are left undone — usually because of time constraints, and sometimes because the topic makes the business owner squirm.

Peter, a business owner was finding it difficult to build his business, hired me as his CFO on Call. Peter was concerned that his company didn’t have a future, and he wanted to take steps to turn his situation around.

I looked at Peter’s business plan and found that it had holes in it that needed filling. One of those business holes was marketing.

When I asked Peter who was doing his marketing he responded, “I am”. I was surprised.

Peter was also doing all the selling and promotional work. He was working on the factory floor. Plus he was also the bookkeeper and in charge of hiring and firing staff.

Now Peter owns a large factory so just the thought of him having to do all those jobs was overwhelming.

It didn’t take me long to workout why Peter couldn’t see a future in the business. He was doing far too much and he needed help. Without extra hands, Peters business would suffer and so would his health.

Knowing this situation well, I started to work my way strategically through the various areas of Peter’s business….advertising, sales, customer service, manufacturing. All could run more efficiently if there were additional staff.

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There was no way Peter could do all those jobs well and still have enough hours in his day. So, I sat Peter down and asked him, “do you sleep well at night?” Peter’s answer was “No I constantly worry about my business”

Understanding that Peter’s problem was human resource-related I helped him create a HR plan. The plan looked at how Peter could realistically hire other people….sales staff, a HR manager, advisor and bookkeeper….so that he could devote his time to managing his business and growing and developing it well into the future.

At first, Peter fought with the concept. He’d run the business solo since it started 15 years ago. He’d managed for this long by himself. Why did he need other people to help?

I explained to Peter that, back when he started his business, it was small and only in its infancy. But over the years it had matured. Realistically, if Peter wanted his company to continue growing, then he had to get help. Without it, his business would stagnate, and he wouldn’t be able to move forward, let alone get the business ready for sale.

Peter mulled over the idea for a while, and then eventually, began to appreciate what was involved in growing his business.

I assisted Peter to put his growth plan into action. Step by step, Peter hired new staff, and eventually, he alleviated his anxiety. He understood the financial requirement to achieving his goals full stop his business grew and he slept well at night.

Tired of wearing all the hats in your business? Ready to make the shift from “operator” to “owner”?

What if you had someone by your side who has been through it before in much bigger organisations and can help you with each step of the way to the success you’ve been dreaming about? What if you had a great CFO by your side at a fraction of the cost of a full time one?

Make contact now and put your business in a position of dominance!

Rob Lancuba is a partner at CFO on Call, a leadership advisor, problem solver, Growth Specialist and Strategist. He helps businesses boost their profits, wipe out their competition, nail their perfect customer and put their business in a position of dominance! He has been through it before in much bigger organisations and can help you with each step of the way to the success you’ve been dreaming about! Email: or call 0457 555 787

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